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The Bagijnetoren

Since the bagijnetoren was moved in 2011, strange things started to happen in Delft and especially in and around the bagijnetoren. Several people avoid to go to Delft out of fear and some have even mysteriously disappeared. Are you brave enough? Can you help Delft and its inhabitants?

Note: the entry of our Escaperoom is at your own risk!

How will you cope with the challenge?

10 juli 1584

The murder on the father of our country

Balthasar Gerards kills William of Orange, leader of the revolt of the Netherlands

The uprising

Free from Spanish rule

The Dutch regions wanted to be free to choose between Protestantism and Catholicism in the sixteenth century. In addition, they wanted more power for the cities and the Dutch nobles. Under the leadership of William of Orange, they rebelled against the Spanish King Philip II in 1566. King Philip then sent the Duke of Alva with a great army to the Netherlands to put an end to the rebellion. However, it only got worse. The northern regions decided to govern themselves in the future and no longer wanted to be subjects of the Spanish king.

William and Balthasar

As a leader of the uprising William of Orange was declared outlaw by the Spanish king Philip II, in 1580,. The murderer of Willem would receive 25,000 crowns and be elevated in the nobility.

Balthasar Gerards heard in 1581 that William of Orange was declared outlaw. He decided to kill William of Orange. He was a fierce advocate of Catholicism, however some think that the anticipated reward could also have seduced him.

Balthasar Gerards traveled to Delft. He knew that William of Orange stayed in the Prinsenhof. There he shot him on July 10, 1584: a bullet hit William of Orange in the side, another in the chest. William of Orange collapsed and died. His last words "Lord God have mercy on my soul, Lord God have mercy on my soul, and my poor people!" Balthasar Gerards fled from the scene, but was quickly captured. He did not receive any of the rewards. After an uninterrupted terrible torture he was sentenced to death. The verdict was executed on July 13, 1584.


Yes, you can. There are no language-related elements in the game that are essential to escape.

Some will experience the room as scary, but not overly so. Your heart may beat a little faster, but our goal is to provide a great experience. Even children can play our room when accompanied. Nonetheless, if you want to leave the room earlier, that is always possible.

No, there will be no lock on the door. You are volunteering to help Delft and its residents, and anyone can leave the game at any time. However, after leaving the room, you will not be able to return. Instead, you can watch with your host in the control room how the other brave warriors solve the challenge.

Yes, we have special team building programs, revolving around collaboration and communication between team members. You really need to cooperate and communicate in order to escape. If desired, we will compile a program specifically for your team.

We advise you to be present 15 minutes in advance. That will leave enough time for an explanation of the game, a drink in our reception room or a visit to the lavatory. In time, you need the full hour in the room to solve the challenge. Do keep in mind that "being late" leaves you with less time in the room.

No problem. We can change or cancel your reservation without a problem and free of charge, as long as you do so at least 7 days in advance. If you want to cancel your reservation less than 7 days in advance, please call 015 888 1062; in this case though, we may have to charge you the fee or part of the fee.

Mobiles, lighters, cameras, and watches (and all other means to tell the time) cannot be taken into the room and must be stored in one of our deposit boxes in the reception area. There are no associated costs. Of course, you can store other things in the box, but this isn’t mandatory.

No, our escape room is located in a historic tower from 1500 and some caution is definitely required. The game is very challenging and requires full brain capacity. Therefore, drinking alcohol in advance is strongly discouraged. People who are visibly affected by alcohol or drugs will not be allowed access and/or will be asked to leave by members of staff.

Unfortunately, as the escape room is located in a historic monument, not all disabled people will be able to enter the tower. To play the game you must be able to use the stairs. However, it is possible to follow the game from the reception area.

The booking fee itself is best paid through the online booking with Ideal. If you prefer to pay on the day yourself, this, just like any consumptions, can only be done in cash.

. Absolutely! Children are welcome to play our room as long as they are supervised by an adult.

escaperoom The bagijnetoren


In addition to these standard rates, we have special programs for schools and companies , you can contact us for the possibilities.

monday untill thursday

  • 1 t/m 4 persons € 112
  • 5 t/m 8 persons € 122

friday untill sunday

  • 1 t/m 4 persons € 122
  • 5 t/m 8 persons € 132


  • per group of up to 8 people € 600
  • we can always arrange a special programme together with you

To book:

Pay attention :
If your time slot is not available or you want to make a last minute booking please contact us.
You are expected 15 minutes for the reserved time for welcome word, game layout and possibly a drink or toilet visit.
If you are late, this will be done from your own time!
The entry and play of our escapade is entirely voluntary and at your own risk.
Rembrandt Productions or persons acting on behalf of Rembrandt Productions can not be held liable for physical and / or material damage resulting from a visit to Escaperoom de Bagijnetoren.
By booking you agree to the provisions above.

Any questions?

We can be reached in several ways.

Our address is Phoenixstraat 85, 2611 AK Delft.

In the inner city of Delft there is paid parking. Look at for the possibilities and costs

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